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Act Naturally

Composer(s) : Johnny Russell and Voni Morrison
Year : 1963
Duration :
Key :
Meter :

Chords/Tabs: Act Naturally

Act Naturally

KEY G Major



    Intro -> Verse -> Bridge -> Verse -> Break (intro) ->
	Verse -> Bridge -> Verse -> Outro (w/complete ending)

COMPOSER Russell/Morrison


- This Rockabilly entry goes much further down the "coontryish" path than any Beatles original had to-date but it works in context, due in large part to Ringo's unvarnished vocal which sounds astonishingly similar in treatment to the Buck Owens original.

- The music is built on a sturdy and frugal set of chords limited to just I, IV, V, and V-of-V; the latter held back for strategic deployment at the end of the bridge. The arrangement is characterized by a recurrent obbligato for the low strings of the guitar (w/low E tuned down to D!) and the tapping of drumsticks.

- Beyond the lead vocal, the Beatles version matches the original in many other respects including same key, same basic arrangement right down to the tapping, and the backing vocal part for the bridges.

- There are some differences, as well, the most significant of which affects the form: the music used by the Beatles for Intro/Outro/and Break appears in the original only for the break and even there it is used in abbreviated form. At the detailed level, the original uses a boogie-like arpeggio bassline for the bridge while the Beatles stay with the oompah figuration used in the verse. Paul continues the backing vocal into the final verse whereas the original omits it. And, for those more or less exclusively acquainted with the Beatles version, the different scanning of the words by Owens sounds somehow "wrong" at first.

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