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Bad Boy

Composer(s) : Larry Williams
Year : 1958
Duration :
Key :
Meter :

Chords/Tabs: Bad Boy

Bad Boy

KEY C Major



                    - 2X -
           Intro -> Verse -> Break -> Verse (w/complete ending)

COMPOSER Larry Williams

INFLUENTIAL VERSION Larry Williams (1959)

- The common wisdom on this as a cover choice by the Beatles is that it was aimed in particular at The American Audience, as if somehow the humor contained therein night be found incomprehensible on the other side of the pond. Granted, the amusingly disruptive behavior described in this song as somehow traceable to an unhealthy preoccupation with rock-and-roll is admittedly as American as almost any song by the Coasters. But I'm just a tad skeptical that we could have possibly had some kind of monopoly on this relatively benign strain of juvenile deliquency :-).

- To be sure, this is compositionally a very typical song of Mr. Williams and it bears some direct comparison with his "Slow Down" (SD), also covered by Our Own Sweet Boys on the _Long Tall Sally_ EP; see the earlier Notes on LTSEP. With SD we found a bloated, twice-as-slow 24-bar variant on the 12-bar blues form. Here in "Bad Boy" the variation is a bit more interesting: a 20-measure form in which the final, suddenly heavily syncopated phrase reverts to the strict 4 measures instead of being doubled up to eight. Note, by the way, how the Break section is a strict 12-bar frame!

- The Beatles version features a nice *single*-tracked vocal by John, equally nice lead guitar work that mimics the original suprisingly closely by George, and the inevitable rhythmic shaking of a tambourine. The form matches the original, but as you might expect differences abound at the detailed level.

- The original (by the composer, himself, of course!) sounds as though backed by an ensemble the size of a small stage band, dominated by the sounds of piano and saxophone. Williams sings it in the slightly lower key of B-flat, and the vocal arrangement features the relentlessly kitschy, not to say judgmental, recitation of "he's a bad boy!" between every single line of the lead vocal.

Ook op Past Masters, Vols. 1:

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