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Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Composer(s) : Larry Williams
Year : 1958
Duration :
Key :
Meter :

Chords/Tabs: Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

KEY A Major



         - 2X -   --------- 2X --------
Intro -> Verse -> Verse (solo) -> Verse -> Verse (w/complete ending)

COMPOSERS Larry Williams

INFLUENTIAL VERSION Larry Williams (1958)

- This Williams song is of the genre in which every single section is in the strict 12-bar format. Indeed, no Beatles album to this point would be complete without at least one example of this kind. Here, the distinctive feature is the bluesy lead guitar ostinato figure used as solo material in the intro and Break and as an obbligato in all the verses.

- John is double-tracked throughout this time and seems to be busting out all together with various "oohs" and "ows" which are not very much in evidence on the original; perhaps he was getting mixed up between this song and the previous one, the original of which *does* have the lead singer thus expostulating. The reverb that seems to have been gratuitously added to the CD remix of this track is among the more infamous "recording anomolies" of the Beatles annals.

- It turns out that the Beatles tamper with the form of the original, adding a second instrumental break section and a final repeat of the fever" verse.

- Though a boogie-woogie piano part figures prominently in both versions, the original again has more of a stage band sound than the less-is- gutsier sound of the Beatles. Williams performs yet again in B-flat and he inconsistently sustains the I chord in measure 12 of some of the frames instead of always shifting to V as the Beatles do.

- The lead vocal of the both Williams originals has a restrained and melifluous quality that will no likely come as a surprise to those familiar with only the Beatles covers. Alas, the Beatles of the mid '60s would seem from our politically correct vantage point to have labored under the uneccessary, even misguided presentiment that it was a virtue for a white singer, in performing the works of a black artist, to resort to raspy shouting in order to hit the mark. I have to call them as I see them, and this foible would seem to be as common to Paul's evocations of Richard Penniman as it was to John's of not only Williams, but also Berry and even Robinson. This is not to say that such Beatles covers are entirely without either merit or success, but I'd dare say that on some level they sound a bit more parodistic and less interpretive than intended.

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Dizzy Miss Lizzy Dizzy Miss Lizzy
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