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Money (That's What I Want)

Composer(s) : Berry Gordy, Janie Bradford en Barrett Strong
Year : 1959
Duration :
Key :
Meter :

Chords/Tabs: Money (That's What I Want)


KEY E Major


FORM Intro -> Verse/Refrain(3X) -> Break -> Verse/Refrain -> Refrain -> One Last Refrain (complete ending)

COMPOSER Bradford/Gordy

INFLUENTIAL VERSION Barret Strong (1959)

- This is yet another song in which (virtually) every section is in 12-bar blues form, but it bears an interesting comparison with "Roll Over Beethoven." Here, the 12-bar frame is divided so that only four measures are verse-like exposition with the remaining eight devoted to a raving refrain. The proportions in ROB are a reversed eight-to-four. And the difference is more than just a mathematical curiosity to the extent that the longer refrain section in "Money" is as much a factor in making it a "screamer" of a song as is the performance of the lead singer. If you're looking for other examples with which to test this theory, look back to the first album where you find the verse of "Chains" which corresponds to the ROB 8+4 pattern as well as "Boys" which matches the 4+8 pattern of "Money."

- One additional parallel between "Money" and ROB is the way they both have final sections in which the hook-phrase takes over the lyrics completely.

- The Beatles cover presents the intro and solo as an eight-measure compression of the 12-bar frame. The original keeps both those sections at the full twelve bar count. Note however that the original has only two instead of three verse/refrain pairs before the break.

- The vocal line of this is very bluesy with lots of juxtaposed Major/minor thirds and flat 7ths and the arrangement yet again features a large amount of antiphonal singing. The Beatles throw a hard edged piano in the mix and of course John's blistering vocal now *single tracked*. The use of the E Major key nicely supports Tony Barrow's suggestion that you can flip the disk over for a second play from the beginning since the first track, "It Won't Be Long", is also in E.

- The selection of this particularly raving number for the final track of the album and the modification of it to include a big-finish complete ending sounds to me like they were striving hard to repeat the immense success of "Twist And Shout" on the first album, and I'd dare say they come pretty darn close. If you want to get picky here, perhaps you might deduct a few points either because the spin-off of the earlier TAS triumph is a bit too obvious or because the message of the lyrics is kind of crass and rough, for all its tongue-in-cheek posturing, in a way which doesn't entirely become the image of the group at this point with their collarless suits and little boots. If I don't watch it, though, I'm going to starting sound too much like Eppie.

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Not a Second Time Not a Second Time
Money (That's What I Want) Money (That's What I Want)

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Roll over Beethoven Roll over Beethoven
There's a Place There's a Place
Bumper Bundle (speech) 
P.S. I Love You P.S. I Love You
Please Mr. Postman Please Mr. Postman
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Devil in Her Heart Devil in Her Heart
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She Loves You She Loves You
Memphis, Tennessee 
Happy Birthday, Dear Saturday Club 
Now Hush, Hush (speech) 
From Me to You From Me to You
Money (That's What I Want) Money (That's What I Want)
I Want to Hold Your Hand I Want to Hold Your Hand
Brian Bathtubes 
This Boy This Boy
If I Wasn't In America 
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If I Fell If I Fell
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